Saturday, February 1, 2014

“ You know ?,….I don’t know ?! “

I think He knew, I didn’t Know, and I wanted Him to know that I knew that.
This Guy could smell a lie, and I was on the spot for some kind of extemporaneous utterance.
My spontaneous vocal response in answer to the Iconic Author of the Popular  Folk Hit  based in ancient  Ubi sunt poetic tradition, “Where have all the flowers gone?”
It was a couple Summers ago, His Wife Died this Summer,  He Died this week..
He and His Wife were partners ,in a way that  inspires.  Coupling   Union
I believe the Super human spirit that touched millions through this Mans mind and voice, came from a Mega Heart that is active engaged and committed  to relationship dialog.
My build up to Imbolc was accented by this passing of a person that I have associations with work and song, “ If I had a Hammer”
What am I to say?
There is Power in the People
  Having seen a living breathing singing Hero up close was to know that  people are Magicians  working the Power of Song.                  Activating Audience!
After the Hero’s last breath, the story goes on.
Legendary and practically sainted in his  life
He is now even more
outspoken Dead
An Activist among the continuance
An Agent of compassion and solidarity in the Spirit Realm with concerns about the world and what change people working together can bring about, 
Should bring about         Here and Now

Ancient Wise
Keening is a spontaneous outpouring of grief and sorrow most often in the form of a  prolonged shrill cry  with a droning gasp on the inhale.
Some where between a hyperventilating crying fit, and a more controlled yet emotional expression of loss and lament
Keening is the impact of Knowing
The state of shock,                     and wishing you didn’t know,
or that somehow what you know is not true.
It was the Cry of  the Mother
Bride of Bress ,who saw her son ,  pierced , Mortally wounded by the Magic Weapon of  her own people.
What is it about spying on the Art of Making, and Trying to destroy a creator with their own creation that bring an end  to Ruadan?

This is the time of Weather divination,  but.
You Know,                            I don’t Know