Thursday, February 27, 2014

“Folk Process”,Legends of Culture Heroes and Giants of Industry Tra- La- La!


                       An interesting triad, by Cecil Sharp.

I recently heard a story at a Memorial Tribute.

I think it was  Arlo ,

speaking of Pete’s Father ,the Musicologist, gaining acceptance of the term,” Folk Process,” in the academic world,

, to describe what had been simply referred to as stealing in the past.

The fact that I am uncertain of the details and using my own words to convey the story , for my own purpose only seem to reemphasize the point in retelling, remembering ,Referencing,.and not to forget, the Recording and reproduction Arts

And in our Culture , Possession and ownership.

Language and Authority, Influence, Mastery, Top down Management

The old Druid as advisor to a King, always this close relationship with ,or service for Power, Energy and Control,

It was a Time Before Mine, The Place were my language had come from was bombed  but not Ruined by a great War with  Master Races and cultural supremacy,Nations, Industry,Banks.

The Powers of resonant sympathies of Place Identity,Respect for Resource

Pride of Accent ,as a call to Arms ,Heritage and Duty and Service.

Fight for Your country, Protect The Homeland, People loyal to Place

It was a Cold War with a lot of Capitalist Cash in Communications and Control.

Keeping a Lid on Class War, Entertainment as Export

Propaganda was the message of the State,The Western World would prove the Superiority of its Culture by the Economic  impact and superiority of its Medias .

Generating Hope of Social Mobility,Opportunity or at least pretending as a way of pacifying the crowd.

Recognition as incentive ,Reward


The Media presentation of what is going on in the street, or what appears to be a grass roots movement changes the Folk or Market Nature of the Thingy

The Sample has no Control as a valid comparative Test

It is Broadcast changing and contaminating the records of what is Real .and what was real.

The Base line Beat of Popular Culture is Media influenced if not Driven.

The Corporate Media conglomerates have gone satellite global Transnational on Us.

This was going on during the Lull in the Manned Space Program as the Shuttle was put into service. Cable TV and Star Wars, computer Commie Busting secret weapon.


Privatization and exclusive access to future Network. Telecommunications Industries are Capitalist Economic Weapons deployed to appeal to ones sense of self advantage and independence over a shared or Societal ownership or responsibility.

What began with Language and Land,Records and Radio,Television and Tours. Is an interrelated collaborative grouping of Artists that are Owned by a Master, protected and legitimatized by a label or Lord.

Are We only as good as the company we keep? or the ones that keep us?

Did We Buy into that Idea?

Or were we Born into it?

Is it a Traditional Tune? or aint it?

Advances in informational technologies have created and destroyed a few Industries,

The Melody and Theme are repeated, the Words change with the gadget.or app.

It has nothing to do with political process, or Spiritual insights, or Technical dominance.

The affairs of State are a by product of Continuity of Legal ownership, policy is for sale,regulation can be negotiated .

History is also available for sale,      has been for some time.

Consider the investment opportunities!

“Your Future profit from the past , whispered in the ear of a Licensed Character of your Copyright King. “

“Maybe you heard it before,     Goes something like this…”