Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anamnesis in Amplexus Folk ,Family, Friends ,Fans and Followers

A coupling, linkage between

Embracing what feels Real from distant memory.

the space allowed between ourselves and others,

Our movements and relationships to the past.

An awareness of being part of a collective and collaborative unconscious form, that is beyond Our immediate focus of attention or ability to perceive individually..

An Instinct to cluster and gather

To keep up with one another

There is caring, and there is competition with every crowd.

There is the urge to Move together ,to follow and chase.

We simply avoid bumping and crashing while we go with the flow .

Hanging on to what we love,

and the possibilities in making a change in future direction.

A new turn in an old chain

A habit that is inherited and passed on

Older than Imagination  

It is a reflex of recognition, not an Ideology, or behavioral discipline.

It is not learned , but remembered and shared.

Shad at Sea, Detail Shad Run