Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Dreaming Soul Wandering


Roving Nature

I wonder about a lot of things.

The meandering nature of genius .

Roaming and rambling elusive Muses.

The Odd way we try to cling and claim for Self.

The way things rub off on one another.

What is it that is being transferred  between People, Pets, and Places,

That causes a similar Character ,appearance, attitude or Spirit?

Are we groomed by time, each other , and unseen third parties?



self portrait 82 attic Chubb house Athens Ohio

We are More , than what we think we see of our selves,

We are More , than what other people say we are.

We are responding to our environment our apparent situation and circumstance.

In a non- cognitive yet nervous way.

We are sensitive to Our Surroundings.

On some level We acknowledge a feeling or mood that we associate with place ,

Our associations, our own composition,and assembly that we have been taught to think of as our unique, independent, individual Self is actually More.

Places shape us…….    and  our  wonder of the passing now.

We are ,

where we have been,  what we have done, but,  We are More



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