Saturday, July 20, 2013

out of this world


molds growing on the sole of My Hob-Nailed Brogans.


Making  Me think of the molding of My Soul.

The shape of our Spirit form and how our concepts of Self inhibits or expands our understanding and exploration of our own Psychic composition, and living function integrated in the larger body of the Whole.

The diversity of expression of form and color,endless subtlety

The fruiting of individualization from a community  within a community with unique structures, and individual Identities.

I’m not sure where I pick up this stuff, Unaware of what grows on me

Something that I had passed over, that stuck with me, taking on a life of it’s own.

Finding Opportunity in My company.

Awaiting the right time. the right conditions to emerge and bloom.

The invisible collective emerges to elevate the next generation

Millions of children, genetically differing from their parents and each other.

They have attained a unique personhood, because our life paths crossed.

sharing this space and time, 

The paths of our ancestors, and the destiny of spores,

witness ,wonder



Perhaps this is too intimate and personal a thing to share with all the World?

To admit that I find Beauty in taking part  in this dance of Beings .

So many partners

Reflected below the surface, Glass Catfish and Ghost Shrimp

, A couple of the critters I keep ,

Teachers in transparency, with little to hide

clearly sensitive, curious and hungry.

Friends that I regularly feed, They appear naked except for the eyes and antennae , mouths and stomachs.

They also display openly the hidden symmetry and order of inner organization that make up their bodies.

They prefer to live in groups when they make their way in this world.

They have a lot to show us about getting a long ,   for see- through creatures

Too revealing a Pet? Our Life journey is a movement.

The things we touch with our passing as well as the things that have touched us.


Partners from out of this same World.

Different but not Foreign, Strange but not Alien.

We share the experience of Now

What it is to be.