Saturday, July 6, 2013

The weather below

It is the love of the Sun that keeps the Waters from stillness.

The Sun shines through all things.

The Earth Mother’s surface is a response to the Sun,

There is a subterranean atmosphere,

in this porous, semipermeable . solid world we are a part of.

We are part of planetary respiration

Unaware of the passing clouds beneath our feet or the rainbows underground.

Barometric pressure, hydrostatic,electrostatic, surface tension,capillary action.

Unseen climate, Energy transference.

Deposited particles arranged by ancient currents

There is a flow , a stream, a memory of what was,as a reason for what is,

absorbing or shedding the stories of  stone.

Fresh water is melted glacial water remnants and rain

Aquifer has an Identity and a Spirit  a source and reason for being.

Moving Waters

of this

Ancient Earth !

The life of place

Where the grounded lightening path leads

Beyond tears and sweat and blood

Trail of time