Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Doggy Bag of Druid ritual


There are some basic understandings I hope sink in with the regular habit of Neo-Pagan group worship.

An important one is not the ritual event but what the people take home with them.

What do we internalize and take on as domestic practice?

I  often serve up more than can be digested immediately, or perhaps it’s in the nature of the subject, or object.

We can’t get it  all at once ,at one time.

Like breathing or eating, we space it out, we break it up, and take it in.

We as living beings are composed and surrounded by a host of spirits.

We by choice and intent  with action feed Beneficial Spirits.

We are also empowered to clean ourselves and our surroundings of hostile agents.

We have Beneficial Spirits who aid us in the places we can’t reach.

This is all profoundly personal and private self discovery as well as aspiritual hygiene practice to be doing next to people you may not know.

It is even weirder when you think that you are alone,

as if in the presence of a stranger.

Imaginary Friends of child hood, places and times , relatives 

Our lives fingerprint is an amazingly unique story  of synchronistic connections ’Fate, Luck , Destiny .

Yet, we are cosmic emanations , born of this Earth

We are naturally part of  the bigger picture, made of the same stuff.

Special and significant in our integration in a much larger body with a will and awareness of its own.IMG_5453