Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our voice

Our Voice is the energy of our Vibrating breath being transmitted beyond our being.

We have a good deal of control as to the content ,tone and qualities of our expression .

We should be aware of  our effect. IMG_5956

We may not be the source of our own creative spiritual voice or soul.

It shines through us, when we let it,

We are the Moderators ,of passage, conductors of thought, learners of language.

Resonant boxes, sound makers and story tellers.

We shape and craft our surroundings as part of a greater conversation and song.

Choosing our part in how and what we wish to share.

Controlling as best we can what comes out of us.

Finding humor and humility in surprise outbursts of discovery.

Don’t make demands of your Audience, it is the world.

there have  always been unseen listeners.  It isn’t all about Being heard.

The loudest or longest doesn’t win.

It need not be a competitive participant driven ,popularity poll .

  • It is not about social manipulation and influence.
  • It is about inner truth and honesty.
  • Author and authority to what is authentically our own sound.



Communication begins with a recognized response .before the conversation can begin.