Thursday, August 22, 2013

Poet~Prophet & Private~Profit




Harvest is a claiming .

With Triumph there is Tribute, Tax,or Tithe.

With Domination there is Domain and Dominion.

We  have been conditioned to think this is the cost of ownership, a business expense,

Mastery instead of Mystery.

The House rules


Order gets it’s cut.

It is not the only game in town, and life is not about being a played.

Life is Work, and struggle, there is no getting around that.

It’s often not easy, but sometimes it is.

Difficult and challenging situations  are what we are built for.

Opportunities for our Genius to break free.

To be Heroic.

We don’t have to sell out.

We can protect our common wealth. from the invisible Hand .

Market values are not social  ones. The Fair is just that,there can be no thievery .

It is important to honor your Muse for her gifts,

and not manipulate them in service to

another master.

I don’t know if volunteer not for profit groups have a future in a corporate economy.

Share holder expectations, guaranteed return on investment, are not forces  that move the Earth,or govern the World.

Our share of the harvest changes with the luck of the season,

some are better than others.

A crop circle

There is no expectation for what we are owed for our service.

Value and credit have a spiritual worth.

It helps to gather with love, respect and gratitude.

It hurts to feel like a commodity,in a commercial scheme

A consumer who is not a not a whole being.

Bargains and Business , Trade and Treaties.have an extra dimensional aspect.

Agreements, understandings ,contracts,oaths,couples.mergers

Where is the fidelity, loyalty,Trust?

Where is the heart and Soul?

There is no burden of spiritual Debt or Original Sin in Neo Pagan   Druid Belief or Disbelief.

Lucky for us!