Monday, September 30, 2013

Shapes Between Us


Persistent illusions of surface mass and hidden content and worth in the order of things.

How we are taught to size things up .

exert our influence .

Limits to comparative reality, mechanistic behaviors  and logical outcomes.

There is a stark difference between honoring and loving what is for what it is,


Expecting your  Outcome or result to be in a specific form.

Religion as recipe

Regulation and uniformity are not a guarantee of reward  .

An Amazing Thing that We are Believed to have our greatest beauty and worth within .

Our Outside Shapes are compared in discreet and overt ways.

What we look like, what  we do?

Our sphere of influence,zones of control, rankings and ratings, demographic detailing

Never in history has a tool been made that has so greatly effected humanities sense of it’s self . and how it  see’s itself fitting in.

I feel something more than fashionable conformity in outside appearance taking place

The Importance  of our Digital appearance our Electric shape and it’s ability to be recognized and accessed has changed cultural and societal structures and orders.


This tool has had a great effect on spirit and people. and sharing in a spiritual, from the heart way.

,,Immediacy and simplicity , Judging a book by it’s cover is what is being sold as knowledge .

More than ever the tool is what we look to to relate to where we are and what's going on

Collectively we think we are real super smart and have it all figured out,

we know it all and how it all works., How things stack up currently in cyberspace .

Yet we know that it is not the way of things,

, not when there is wood to split ,

and stack,

and space ,

and store,

and move again

and stack again

and burn