Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiration from Expiration,Regenerative Reflex




I am a Neo-Pagan, A New- Pagan, A Now- Pagan.

Meaning that I am Free to Explore My spiritual relationship with the Worlds as I choose, in My  Own  Pagan Fashion.

Part of a Mystic Vanguard that Acknowledge That Much of the Old ways seem to have been Horrible.

Some things should not be repeated,or played with or profited from.

Just speaking about them can draw their  attention  and feed their Being.

Evil Folkways do exist.

They may be Dead and left behind and hidden by our Ancestors for Good reason.

We can never Know

we are not meant to see, the covert slight of hand,

The subtle pass off From Overt distraction, The moment has been taken.

The pulse revealed,the exchange has taken place, it is a beat

Presto- Change-O


Transformation, Transportation

Beyond the originator

New from Old is NaturalIMG_6787

We are part of that

Currently engaged in a spiritual World of discovery.

Ancient Belief is not as important as direct experience, and current practice.

We are Here to Worship as we are , while we are here

From blossom  to fruit to seed.