Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                   Wonder and understanding are not opposing and competing states of mind.

                                                        all knowing  or know nothing

                                                          the mix of mind and matter,
                                                      a bundle of radiating  nerve fibers,
                                                              branching network,
                                                           related to spin and orbit,
                                                                   day and night.
                                                                 excited molecules
                              Does genius equal energy?  thought Fire? feeling the Sun?
                                                                    Life Force
Is individual  consciousness a momentary fluctuation of transitional passing pressure differentials?
electromagnetic osmosis- chemical reaction, ionic exchange,
depth and width , rate of flow,volume, density, conductivity, permeability,
questions and answers, tests and riddles, games and contests,compare and contrast
A juxtaposition of self and center ,interior and exterior.
belly button as independent power place.
personal connection to the Sun!
 passage from public to private,
turning and circling. glowing and warm,
Fire works within!