Tuesday, December 18, 2012

source of Birth Hidden beginnings


Our hidden Origins.

Before anything materializes or manifests in this world it has a pre- existence in some immaterial conceptual or spiritual plane,

This belief in the Mystery of origin and the hidden beginnings of things a religious pursuit.

Druids are Detectives as well as philosophers poets and judges.asking

Where do things  come from? 

If blessed by it. we seek to honor or revere the source.

Make it sacred, protect it, Honor the Return

This becomes a challenge when they are beyond our reach as beings of the Earth .

The light and warmth of the sun are part of all the life of this world.

Yet they lack the Substance we can hold onto.

Energy passing though us.

Constantly moving and changing




The Mistletoe is a plant that has no roots

It is the embrace that is missing. the holding  on that needs to be perpetuated.

The restorative power of Good will, compassion and Hope

Bringing things together,, conceives new things

fertility is future things reproducing , replicating , overlapping

Time and space being at the right place at the right time

Circumstance and Luck.

Energies that pass through us, that give us an eye for the shiny and attract weird connections, and marvel at the funny ways of things.

You should be mind full of what you do with your mouth when standing beneath poison berries.We are material beings as well as spiritual ones.

It is the Exchange, the well wishing in passing, a certain appreciation of crossroad or intersection that reinforce courtesy ,and being  neighborly.

It is an energy that passes through us , the perception of the momentary  existence

suspended above the unaware  the most ungrounded of plants.


Before people spoke of energy they spoke of Spirits.

The qualities and disposition  of various things  .behave in a regular and characteristic way

Spirits are what make things go…………Light and Sound, Time are the same thing .

Spirit is a moving presence.,an animating principal…..A shared feeling.

Rising and setting, where does it come from?

Where does it go?

Another hidden  World that intersects with the Mother Earth we Know.


Where and when things enter  the world is a Mothers knowledge.

The place where life emerges is private and personal yet ,we are not born of ourselves,but another.  We are barely witness to our own emergence. This is our mothers story not ours.

It is the miracle and mystery of  the nature of beginnings, that we are witness to.

The limit of the cycle before it repeats, The longest night was a big deal before electricity.

Our ability to flip a switch and access instant energy has changed our appreciation of how the natural world behaves.

It has effected the worship of the Sun as the great Energy Spirit that is yearly reborn.

Celebrated with  Fire      and   good cheer. and our wonder of where it comes from?




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