Friday, July 20, 2012

Instinct , Intuition, Imagination

    •   People are embarrassed by involuntary loss of physical control

    • a sneeze or fart

    • to stumble or fall

    • We commonly curse not being in command of the situation.

    • There are social considerations and cultural  responses

    • Most are about politely ignoring or offering

    • This is not about reason and rational explanations

    • It is about how we have been culturally  manufactured to feel shame at the loss of self mastery.

    • It has been going on for generations

    • It is part of our being and nature

    • It is in our bones,and runs in the family

    • knowledge of the mysteries of our inner workings is dispensed to us privately,

    • Publicly we are exposed to a sophisticated coordinated media that makes a direct appeal to  reflex reaction that  runs deep somewhere in our unaware pre decider self.

    • We are not being told to follow our hearts,

    • but follow the leader

    • We have been fed a value system that is commercial  not natural.

    • Conditioned not to look at inner beauty,and personal gifts