Wednesday, July 18, 2012

soul searching

Soul searching

I think that sentient beings are not the only things that have feelings,or a individual and unique personal spiritual essence or soul.

self awareness may be an overrated life value system .

flattering our ego  as the brainy and more soul worthy,

I suspect that the soul is deeper than awareness

perhaps below instinct or behind our dream.

Everything's got soul!

some more than others

at the bottom of our being is a truth that is genuine.

we are just passing through this world.

we are shape shifters

here for now

worlds of spirits

soul as cell. environment as body

making peace and being witness

to the souls that aren’t recognized as real, by priests and scholars.

the attraction of the bee to the blossom,or the bird to the berry.

flower power and the spreading seed,

part of an animate Earth with a soul of its own.