Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earth centered,Sun powered



Space and Time.

Matter and Energy,

Host and Guest

The Waters of Life!

The object of the wheel and the subject of its movement.

revolutionary understandings in the language of Nature.

  Bright and Shinning traveler ,

Thank you for making our Day!,


Three ways energy and Mater relate.

Absorption of Energy

Reflection of Energy

Transmission of Energy

Food for thought.

Part of our energy self that is mind and memory.

Our awareness is related to the energies we sense outside of our selves.

How we feel .


Movement and spirit

Our Non physical Selves ,

Our Souls,

Energy levels

power trips


currents and grounding

polarity and fertility

feed by the light

that gives fire to what we are.

the love of Sun and Earth,

Awakening the Waters.