Friday, November 21, 2014

déjà vu , bon appetite, repeat, reality


If a Tree falls in a forest without any one to Blog about it does it make any sound?


I may have written that before, I’ll have to check some time.




sensitive issues, whats hot ,the web

The Blog title was what I was calling My Path in ADF , Our Own Magic.

Don’t need to get it, to know, it gets you!

Personal traditions as a guide or scout of the Frontier of a re constructed and reformed Neo Pagan, New world, New York and New Jersey, Metro-Druid Grove.

Group Traditions are Sensitive issues with or without transparency .

There is what is, what was,and the stories they inspire.

My Mad -Trad was  to be my storybook ,a richly illustrated Map of the safer relationship with the multiplicity of Spiritual Others that share Our same Space, Place,World. at times.

I moved away and it became  folders and portfolios occupying space in my attic.

I had no idea that print,publishing and distributing information,knowledge were to become digital and accessible all day,all night, almost everywhere.


Sacred texts and Search engines

what a strange distorted perceptual dissonance

Imagining the world outside the window,and within the screen

What of the scribes and clerics?

Last hold out Priests and petty bourgeoisie of bronze age bovine hierarchies?

No more middle man? as if it were safe to browse and graze, nibbling and sipping at what we are instantly served, Life as a collection of menu choices.

Recipricosity is a gift of the Hunter Gatherer Economies.

Value to the Work, Luck ,Magic in access to a resource.

This Blog, this computer network medium is a very new form of human expression.

For Me an extension of Sketch book, Magic Journal practice , It is a funny mirror,

an odd companion. strange to see and share

outside the window, inside the screen