Sunday, February 17, 2013

Microbial Metaphysics, Inaudible Glossolalia

lichen worldThe language of appetite can be understood by those who do not speak, and those that are not seen.

Every thing is food, and food is in everything

Spirits feed,           Gods and Goddess love to feast,

It is a dynamic Cosmos that we are part of, nothing is truly static.

All surfaces are porous, All boundaries permeable, It is a mater of scale.

Some how coordinated change takes place, Digestion, A conversion and transformation of  the spirits of one body into the sustenance of another.

There is a reordering, a new organization a recombination that is magic as well as metabolic.

Everything's got to Eat,

Everything has its own tastes,

Its own sense of what it likes and dislikes.

Its own will.

Nothing seems to have a knowledge of how its body knows to extract nutrients from its surroundings, that it knows it’s needs intuitively.

To Feel hunger is to be part of a spiritual current and flow with direction and course.

The Body becomes a vessel for a spiritual voice, A message,  a signal, a mission.

Later it craps.        This is Earthy religion

Finding comfort in regular movements is the basis of worldly comfort and good humor.