Friday, March 6, 2015

Favor and Favorites


A Favor is something that is not obliged.

It is not part of a preexisting deal or arrangement.

A good deed that is Freely given.

Favor may be the word that best describes the active principal of Group Worship in its simplest,commonest sense.

People ,needing a favor, seeking favor ,expressing gratitude for favors received.

Special attention

Some Groups build up around a contract or relationship that explains why they have special access to favor.

Not Me.

I believe The Favor Givers are doing Us a favor with their attention\attendance

They are the Ones who chose to make contact or not

As this Ancient Pagan Goddess of across the sea continues to do us Favor Here Now.

Groups that claim that it is  the Job of the favor giver as part of Cosmic Order take away the individual favor givers choice,attention,special treatment.Free Will.

I seek Favor by appealing to Good Will, Outside assistance from benevolent Contact.

Less emphasis on the importants of Oaths and details of agreement

A multitude of independent difference makers.  Cultural Hybrids carved in stone freed from time.Brigantia holds the world of the lands orbis terrarum

This is the Basis of inspiration , Volunteerisms,Charities,Sacrifice.

the Creative Connectivity  in Caring Contributing, ritually Charming outcomes.