Sunday, March 15, 2015

Family and Soul flight


Relatedness is a much stronger concept than autonomy.

I make a big deal about free will and action,the cornerstone of  choice and sacrifice…

We begin this life with relationships that are not of our making.

Born into this World , We find our selves bonded in relationship to Family, Mother, Father, Siblings. Names, Characters, roles that We learn to try to understand,relate to and adapt and grow with.

Before we develop a sense of Self  , we have an established group of others that we respond to, characterize ,and Identify with.

This is not just true of people, but supposedly non sentient animals and plants, and presumably hyper sentient  Indo- European  Gods and Goddesses.

Naturally occurring relationships and events that have nothing to do with individual  desire or intention.I do not believe they are a manifestation of consciousness or awareness but part of the anatomy of circumstance, quirk of existence.


The way it is.                                            I don’t know where it comes from.

 My Son's snap of spooked Eagle against the snow

It has been going on a long long time,

Before we were awake, or dreaming, We are Family.

Taking flight

carried by the same wind