Friday, March 27, 2015

Significant Strange Synchronous Serpentine Symbol Story, Shedding Sick School Society Shame Shared

I have My Wife attach the link to a reply from a friend to a friend.
One friend had sent photos and attached article marking the anniversary of a
mistreatment of Easter Bunnies .

Her feast Day March 30th!               so sayeth wikipedia!
Something in the serpents coils takes Me Back before I knew either Friend who still call me Brother.
Thirty five years ago,    I was Initiated with the older Brother of one of my Friends.
                        A Ruby Eyed Gold Snake Our Symbol
My alma mater part of an Ancient rivalry in academic atmospheres. cultures, reputations, competitions and Colleges.
Our  State  school Sibling was the supposedly  established  Snooty elitist clean cut , up tight scene , so We were the Fun  liberal free for All, good time campus\camp.
Or so it seemed in the seventies, when I had very little sense of self.
I had grown up a collector of story.   Stories about everything, everyone, everywhere.     It was how I made up  my sense of the world, from what was read and what was said.
As I gained direct experience with People , Places and Things , I saw the spectrum of perception in story as well as true false- dichotomy in  Folk Tales.Word on the Street, word of mouth,rumor . Outside forces of exaggeration and repetition , generalizations and seeming necessities to simplify and stereotype.
   Superstition         Scholarship      Soul/story  Survival   Sources   Spirits
I feel My Pagan Spiritual Awakening came in recognizing the Spirit  behind Things  .
Perhaps My youthful  attraction to the Barbarian Spirit is polarized as contra classical..A conditioned  response to presentation, where I turn the world into story.
I look for the action.
As a Fall Freshman  on the forensic team, living in a dormitory I experienced the environmental  shift in a spiritual planktonic institutional mass.I appeared to be less mature than My Age physically, and was even less developed emotionally.
I was not quite an independent being   .Home Sick.              adrift.
I was Surprised  to find focus the next Winter  quarter in a most unexpected place.
With the support, the  power of Personal attention combined with place\ home/base , help  I received pledging and participating in Greek Campus Culture I was empowered by belonging,and acceptance. My Identity and character were shaped by a Nu social influence, a New sense of safety/security/salvation for spring of nineteen eighty.
Powers of Friendship Group
I would survive as a student in my first Year and have a Mail Box in a walnut paneled  Party Castle, Territorial Behavior in Higher Learning.. Then a few established guys in the house decide that dead rabbits are a funny addition to Easter baskets delivered to the Sororities that turned down our social invitations. They took it upon themselves to do this in our name .  I had nothing to do with this but was very affected by it.
.I don’t know where they got the idea to do this, or if authorship ,originality is the issue ,as much as  Popularity and Legend are the forces behind the  Act.      Attention !    They thought It was funny.Sick Humor, Bad joke       memorable prank, outrageous act.           People would talk about this.
I hope I am not perpetuating any ill spirit, or inspiration for sick acts with the  writing of this post thirty five Years later.
I don’t mean to glorify them in pointing out that,they themselves were seeking glory in an intoxicated inebriated insensitive selfish way. I don’t know about who was the ring leader, or who followed ,they encouraged each other to do something they would not have done on their own.
The chapter took an enormous loss before I had been a member a Month .
Shortly after being  involved in a  traditional ritual ceremony of Brother making.,I find myself witness to a purge, guilt by association Officers expelled,.A representative of the National Fraternity had to come up for the formalities of their removal , it was rough spiritually and financially costly necessary disassociation, dissolving of bonds, betrayal of oaths,Turning your back on your sworn Brother ,Unconditional support  is a potentially dangerous concept…... It was in this vacuum that I became Chaplain  and found a vacancy in the factional Fun House for the next Year.
and the next three  ,same spot, sure special,
sever, separate, sacrifice. sending signals safely