Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magnificent Magical Multiplying Mutualism Mystery



Ingenious  isopod integration intensive interplay

I believe that we are surrounded by magic.

Much of what is thought of as paranormal is in fact normal, the super natural, quite natural.

We have been raised to see relationship in terms of benefit.

Look at the way we classify and categorize Life. Predator.prey, producer,parasite.

Our descriptions cluttered with reference to value and hierarchy, dominance and control. echoes of the” who is served by this” method of classical inquiry. 

Some how this is coupled with our sense of a fair deal, or reciprocity,then as in the case of a plants flower and pollinating insects we can see the existence of the Holy  Win – Win .

There is a lot more than one  Intra life Holy Win – Win going on with plant or insect.

Mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal relationships in root and soil,endophytes  and epiphytes  in flesh and bloom.

Micro flora in detritivores guts .spores distributed with their many foot steps.

Cryptozoa carnival,come one, come all!

Witness the  Win – Win of Wonder!

Life is not autonomous automation, mechanical function for rational ends.

A  Meta- Macro-Magical Mix and manipulation without master or mastery.

A continuous transference of Spirit or Soul through animal, vegetable and mineral.

Emphasis is not on the individual organ or organism. self and identity, but the community, the collective.

Not concerns of cost, control and capitalizing, but the communicating and communing that is conception.

The mysterious influence things have on one another.

Our Place in it, and its’ place in Us.

Win - Win