Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Super symmetry ,Panpsychism, synchronization of scale, overlapping wave orbits, peripheral parallels

Is it coincidence that an Old  NeoPagan friend shares his thoughts about artificial Megalithic Portals with me at the same time that the Large Hadron collider  was restarted?
Simultaneous similarities. sub atomic spirit particles, long distance connections beyond Space and Time. Energy and Matter, Magic mystery minds.
CERN’s Celtic Sex Magic, Tectonic Tantra is not assembling a ring of giant Stones on the surface of the Earth,but creating a huge sacred circle  within her.
One hundred Meters below,with a circumference of twenty seven Kilometers the hoop has Four large observatories with detectors.This  massive and costly structure is buried not to make it more sensitive to the Earth, but to avoid the Sun.
coherency specification attunement Telluric Telepathy.
There is no"empty"space.
The particle is part of the pattern of energetic transference that is more familiar in the field or plain ,seen as waves, feelings in the dark. intuitive echoes of the existence of shadows passed.  Some how we know, or strongly suspect that there is significance
A message                A window                      A Circle            An Answer
There is no” empty “space. There is no"empty"space.There is no"empty"space.