Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nature’s Way

We are a part, not apart

We are a part of the World.

We don’t chose this, or decide upon it.

We do not imagine we are inseparable from our Planet,

It’s Land, Seas and Sky,        It’s ways of Life .

There is no need to seek a Central Authority.

or Global Manager to appeal or complain to..

Stacks Stones Sticks

This Old Home has known of many mass extinctions millions of years before the emergence of Mammals or Man.

We believe this to be true not by Sacred Text, but Fossils in Stone .

The extraction of the essence of these Ancient Dead from deep within the Earth and distributed across it’s surface is related to the atmosphere,,the Climate.

Weather, severity and disposition.                       Breath, Life

The Family History of the Carbon Cycle.

Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree