Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Medicine / Poison ,Flower Power, Bug Drug

Researchers were surprised that Bees were actually showing a preference for Neonicotinoid treated nectar. Displaying the urge, compulsion, craving for satisfaction associated with addicted Human Smokers.
Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid that has an acknowledged affect as a stimulant to the nervous systems of Mammals.
There should be no surprise in the knowledge that the nervous systems of insects are made of the same stuff as any other animal.
Some how Tobacco and other Plants produce special substances to stimulate and manipulate other Life forms.
Some How Human Industries produce  special substances to do the same, and convince us that liberal applications of their toxins are a necessity for our survival.
Envenomation is an assault with Nero transmitters.
A sting is messing with the mind of our flesh, acetylcholine causes intense depolarization of the nociceptors within the Skin… serotonin increasing vessel wall permeability ……              
The Bug makes us Feel.

Alchemy of Antigens

Our Autonomic nervous system is a division of our peripheral nervous system ,
or so I’m told.
We are in possession of two types  of Autonomic ganglia .
The Sympathetic ganglia, “Fight or flight”
The Parasympathetic ganglia,”Feed and Breed” or “Rest and Digest”
They perpetually oppose one another acting as Activator/ Inhibiter
This is the invisible responder from deep within
This is where we get the feelings of what turns us on and off.
The Sexy of the Season is not about generation ,gender and genitalia but something deeper in the experiencing of life.
Feelings that have to make their way to the spine, and may never need a Brain.
                               Connected but not in  conscious control
The ins and outs of Dancing the May Pole ,                  round and round, back and forth.
                                           The Never Mind  /  The Bug You

Salamander sensitivity