Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Power in a Union

Pure clean and simple
The Trust that Contributors put in the Enterprise is what is Sacred .
It needs to be protected and tended to.
The Holy bonding, contract of agreement, clear understanding, Acknowledging Sacrifice given and received …….This is the Mythic Pagan Priestly essence!
                                That’s the deal                Fair and SquareDii Consentes
I don’t know of any tales of the Olympians crafting founding documents and developing Mission statements, but they weren’t fund raising as a not for profit Organization .
Somehow the Ancients had Holy Places, Temples and Priests without the Overt Essential Judgment that the appeal to support, sustain,and perpetuate the institutions was their reason for being.. or magic power / Sacred Duty.
When Holiday ritual is a platform for a Variety Show do the worshipers become the content providers of the service? the crafter and the customer of the production?
Whom does it Serve? is there any space for dissent or discussion? Hootenanny Hygiene? Is competition promoted as entertainment?
Is it really about believing in Team Spirit, or is it about Group control?
Less of an appreciation for the Players coupled with an inflated glory of the Management. Directors and Venues. Making a game of Sport, a folly of Art, in the pursuit of centralized governance.
I’m not interested in empowering the contemporary corporate model of group and growth .
I’m mixed up in the Old fertility of Unions between Peoples and Places.
The Marriage between above and below, the immaterial Spector and the solid and evident.
                               The common cause.
                      Intangible rewards and unseen Fruits