Monday, May 11, 2015


Direct experience and Natural observation are Gifts from Life.

Life is an Energy that passes through the Living and Non Living Things of This World.

            Animal                                 Vegetable                       Mineral

All of these things have an innate reverence of reference,

A Natural Place in This World        A Natural Sensitivity to Surroundings

A space to occupy temporarilysocial lives of lichensLiving room

A limited ability to respond  to , or control the immediate  changing environment , adapt habits in a habitat

A primordial taste , a Like / dislike ,  a pre- sense  of safety / threat, a sensitivity / insensitivity control that directs the individual , a Spirit / Soul  that exists beneath awareness, between breaths, before the consciousness of individuals or groups.

Before there is a inner sense of self awareness and mastery there is a sense of  external spatial territory.   What is out there.

The need to consume and move , and rest

The carrying capacity, stress and load of one thing on an other

The transference of energy from one form of Being to another.

Both Living and Non Living Things benefit and respond to Special attention and care ,

  Kindness  and Respect .

There is a form of reactivity that exists between the things of this world .

A knowledge of giving , or taking.

We are all impermanent . Our Lives  for Our living . Our bodies , Our structures ,

Our forms,  a temporary place.                      Home                         for now.

                      invasive spieces ,property, posession, ownership