Wednesday, May 20, 2015

surface tension , perceptual limberness , energetic field properties , conceptual flexibility

When we control and train our attention awareness we are playing with a Natural Magical ability to focus and tune in to  / tune out and edit our sensory process.
Or so we think
I’m wondering if it is not just a matter of Placement of energy centers  within , nodes , nerves , Chakras ,
The sense of what is Displaced by our presence , the effect we have on our immediate space energetically ,  
reflection and shadow , Psychic boyancy
Consider the Auras of Ants, individually and as a colony.
Sentient  mortal meat sticks part of an elaborate drama of Scale and Dimension.
Does Multi cellular Life owe its existence to  a prehistoric practice of Proto -Pranayama among Protists?             The accumulative respiration habit benefits .
Controlled Breath the basis of collective cooperative organization and structural building  reflex.
Empowering complex relationships through an internalization and externalization followed by a sense of Body or Group.
                                    Mad – Trad  to Made – Trade