Friday, March 13, 2015

The Natures of Multiples, Edutainment trickery , provoking Thought ,conjuring Genius,pursuing Muses


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Are Ideas visitations? Is Memory outside of our Brain.Perhaps thinking is not a self contained process, but a strange shared habit.Intelligence, imagination, perception, understanding not being a function of individual nervous systems  but a Social Sub  human process of responding to environment

People are not the only learners on the planet.

Things have shared habits of group reference and mimicry.

The Many executive functions, decision, choices are based around,

What’s going on?   What’s Happening?       What’s Up?

My favorite,

What-cha dew-win?

.Collectively  we question and answer, we feel in touch, pool our awareness.

We stimulate and trigger dormant qualities and abilities in one another.

Synchrobugsity  and woo make obvious what was there all along

.We use each other to navigate, to think.To experience and act.

Energy, Vibration, Feeling, temperature, buzz or wave length, something that does not reside within  or belong to the individual acts as an agent of change, or Comfort/ discomfort.Direction director,Weather ,The Spectrum or range of behavioral norms are fueled by the Environments of the Time.

What to do?    is  the question the seed never asks.

Hard to Believe,

We were all once  an Egg having an out of body experience.