Wednesday, March 18, 2015

tuning in and tuning out


we only need to do

We have a natural unthinking ability.

Spirit response, attention,movement.

We do not see all that our eyes view.

We do not hear all the sounds around us.

We do not feel all that we are touching.

We have a limited amount of control.

Tuning and timing

Sensory Gliding, Perceptual Surfing

Alternating currents

subliminal simplification

symbol and story and survival

We are between dimensions ourselves

Multiple worlds,alternate realities

This is nothing new

Older than old 

subsonic resonant harmonic vibration cycle waves returning echoes ring out and in!

before and after and always again!

It is not our intelligence or our will that make us directors of our spiritual/ magical journey.

We don’t need to join a club or take a class or read a book.

We don’t need to buy into what is being sold to be acknowledged for what we do.

We only need to do