Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Multiple Natures

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There are the Multiple realities of our Waking World,
Our Sleeping World, that continues on despite Our being unconscious.
Our Dreaming World which may or may not seem real, but undeniably exists. ,
Our individual Life experience is made up of these very different states of Being.
Seeming singularities such as Self or Body are actually composites, parts pieced together that function as a whole.
Polydimensional perceivers, responders, We are more than what we think we know of our selves, We are far more flexible,mysterious,magical, transformative ,cosmically connected.
We are Changing,adaptive Signal energy of many Selves and Others
Part of the pulse of all, Conscious or Not We play some part, make some difference to some greater whole outside of our body .
We are favor givers
Identity is not what something is called by Self or Other.
It is not a Label or intention.
It is a Spirit that Makes its presence Known as a distinct individual.
Recognition,           Free            Action
Inspiration ,Spirit Building, Idea Growing
Thank You
Thank You in your many forms, in your many dimensions
Thank you for your protection,care and favor.
Thank You for being Many Things