Saturday, February 21, 2015

People Love Treasure People Treasure Love People



Treasure Love People





When it comes down to it ,

ritualized worship in groups, or solitary ,is based around People.

Religions are a Human creation, an interpretation inspired by story and vision.

I don’t believe there has been or will be a singularly correct practice and belief in any one place or time.

People have  cultural, generational and remarkably individual variations of Human experience.

My proposed  Proto-Pagan Priestly Premise,

What People are attracted to, what they care for, What they Love,and how they love it.

The collective value expressed as Treasure and Treasuring.

The reflex to protect and shelter viscerally connected to Safety , Comfort., Security

Hidden treasure, Batteries of Abundance.Reservoirs of Hope. Traditions of Spiritual connections and influence..

Some People inspire, some conspire.


I am attracted to the multiplicity of polytheistic group worship expression potential in a Grove of Spiritual Specialists combining, contributing, creating an environment that was reflective of the Social dynamism and interplay that is the make up of the Cosmos and Community and Our Selves. Appreciating Diversity Publicly as a Sacred Act.

Possibility in Place Practice with People Prayer. Groupings of the different.

A Religious Left that is not political or commercial.

A Neo Pagan Local alternative age experiment.composed of People , Time, and Magic.

Principals of Human nature are what they are.

The Comedy and Tragedy,Horror and Romance.Myth and Fairy Tale

The love that people treasure, and the treasuring of Peoples’ Love.