Monday, July 25, 2016

erroneous effigial egregore,anthropomorphic acquiescence,ethnographic epistemology eclipse

 Point of view
We are part of an Ancient Human Habit of giving Things  Names.
Faces and Identity so that We can Share the concept with one another,
 part of a social cycle of recognition and shared understanding and awareness.
this artificial representation takes on the collective influence of those that associate word, form. meaning


It is recognized as foreign, alien, other  .unintelligible, unthinkable,
 not making sense,
outside of what seems to be real, ( reinforced representational symbolism)
 The Power of the Word- Idol-Label-Brand-Party-Concept is in its recognition.
The value judgements associated with it, the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and archetypes
strangely part of the spiritual syntax of a language that has a primal split between
 Good and Bad,
Friend and Enemy,
 Lucky and Unlucky .

I do not promote giving attention to Things by giving them form as a Group when it is not from an appreciative or loving heart.
It is dangerous to have a belief in collective creation that may be indifferent to the hurt and suffering associated with it.
Or feed from it, growing ,
Language of disrespect ,
a contagion of consciousness.