Sunday, July 3, 2016

Contra coercive crotch culture

The Big Difference between an Offering,  or a Tax,
 is in the independent and voluntary assessment of the nature of indebtedness in the exchanging relationship .

One practice emphasis the internal sense of giving and gratitude that needs to be expressed openly and shared , it is a creative impulse that draws upon the individual to think , feel , and assemble.
An Exercise in free will and imagination, empathy, appreciation, respect.
This happens from within, from abstract impulse , to order ,structure and form.
Open possibility
A Chance                                               A  Bid              A Hunch
 The challenge is coming up with what to do.             It need not be accepted, that's OK.

 Offerings are made      .Debts are paid

When a tradition establishes, and fixes, the relationship,  as one of contractual indebtedness , setting a prescribed method,  and meaning,  to the reciprocal process, (with the order as the vital component.).
Individuals and groups are expected to participate, -  have to give in a certain fashion, -  are made to give.
This is an external command, fulfilling obligations set by others, .fostering dependency on the system. order ,tradition ,-  which directs and extracts it's support, with claims of service or rite.

Social influence
Group think                          part of the deal         A  place in the plan
Compliance is critical.                                             

To My Neo Pagan Mind,  this is about ruling more than appreciating , Taking more than Giving.

I am not a fan of unnecessary oaths, pledges and promises, binding entanglements and complex consequences.
I don't provide a paint by number ritual experience, or tell people the what and how. of a one size fits all
Religious practice.
I  don't force or manipulate, with guilt or shame, but seek to witness what is real, and what is authentic and genuine, unmolested and unsolicited,  joining, or splitting.

To profess what is right and wrong in practice and belief  has socio- psychic consequence, attempting to influence,  persuade and dissuade others in behalf of a Cause, Country or Creed can be a calling, but one that is often in conflict with stimulating individual inner awareness , discovery and decision.
respecting the judgement of others for themselves.
My Neo Pagan Priestly Experience has been one in which Honors the Open Mind.
It is impossible to know,  what you are talking about,
 if what you speak of , is beyond thought and dream.
observation unbound by belief, or faith, custom, or habit.