Tuesday, June 28, 2016

cycloid confluense , circadian connductivity

ins and outs                   integration and disintegration              do s and don't s
attachments  and detachment,    groupings,divisions    
   assembly and disassembly    insider -outsider

" You didn't find the Shrine in a Box,    It found You! " said a friend this Summer Solstice.
It is the overwhelming response,  I find from people, I tell the story of ,  How I came upon,
 the ornate Hindu Shrine,  in the north corner,  of an eccentric, eclectic, Living room, setting on top of a non functional wood stove, elevated higher by it"s shipping Box ,from around the same time,  that The Order Work started out, a number of  Years back.

 I burnt the Indian Newspaper wrappings this Solstice as part of The Sacrifice for the Season, and the Sun in particular...........Traveler!               Space  and  Time Traveler!
I wonder.....
How much of My Collected Treasure has seemingly found Me? perhaps willfully searched Me out? Things in My Life that I was not looking to identify, understand, or love

Self determination?                 Free Will ?             choice ?

Does Crisis, and Need attract beneficial Spirits to our aid more naturally and effectively than our prayers and rituals for our wants and desires? expectations of out comes?

" I have been living under the assumption that I was in possession of a functional psychic ejection seat." I confessed at this Solstice, referring to my experience of pain,  that took Me to the Hospital,  almost two years ago.
It was not an Out of Body - near Death experience, but one in which my Spirits- Souls- identity-vision were bound;  deep in my Flesh.
I felt as if I was being Held and tortured, punished. It seemed something had found Me and targeted My Self Control.
I was not able to command any ability to sensually disassociate, Magic powers of tuning out, or trying to tune into something more pleasant.
The ability to " change channels" I had found from childhood nightmares may have been My first "Belief" in
Magic traveling.       Our innate ability to spiritually navigate,  maneuver awareness,     find ways.

I felt the need to share after Solstice, telling my friends about the Acupuncturist I found near by.
I have never experienced this kind of Spiritual awareness shift, triggering trance state,  in such a non intrusive form.
It has nothing to do with My belief or expectations. I'm not taking any thing in to my Being, accepting any substance into my physical or emotional  person that would explain the dramatic difference in My state or condition during and after treatment.
Some how, I am being led on a journey, needle by needle,  that I am doing My best,  not to pay attention to .
Dissolving bonds, Spirit energy movement within and without, the out of body self  that is unconscious- yet aware    .Deep Diving Trans-personal  Soul voyaging while exfoliating My astral Form.