Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Extradimensional Magical Journeys

I was especially aware of the most recent  scheduled  Mound Journey, of the Clergy Order.

Excited to participate, as an expression of caring,  and devotion,  to the transference of Mystical Wisdom.
A practice based around inquiry and observation, Freedom of thought and action, association and belief.

 I was introduced to the concept through odd references on the computer clergy list.
 A Monthly Ritual containing a prescribed  shared meditation, trance work- to seek a common destination...
As an Order, we would return to this Place,
 and share among our selves, what We have seen,
  in writing,  on the Computer.
 A first Experience for Me !
That is what brought Me to this Dimension.,  This Practice  ,   This Blog.

Skip drove down, I led Him out to My Nematon, and He led Me on My First Clergy Journey, then took off!

My Spiritual creative impulse had never been connected to the Tool that is the Computer, or the strange nature, of the hidden unseen audience , that exists,  in the artificial  inter-web.
 I also received unexpected, unanticipated Worldly Visitations, or Gifts , related to this Priestly Work, including getting together with Isaac before He Died. 

I suppose I never cared for the Idea  of the exclusive keys for the initiated, or the reward tokens of merit produced by  My Religious Organization. I don't respond well to obvious gimmicks of secret knowledge possession, Or promoting rumor of special behavior-abilities.
To Me it is Tacky at best , a dangerous Game, Vulgar patterns of Group bonding that have nothing to do with Real Magic.
Promoting Respect and Gratitude!  Appreciation Loop! Psychic Switch Board ! Cult Awareness!
     Speaking                     Truth,                                       to the best of Our                  Ability.
Something in the insider, members only,  appeal runs strongly contrary to the functional interface of Spiritual  Community.+ Sharing a platform , Gathering Places, - access.

 The Study Program,  and The Organizational Governance Process,  allowing and promoting the belief that manipulating the mechanisms  of  Order, and Organization, are the way to get what You want.
 A School of Belief that justifies the existence of organization by It's function or Service to be extracted.
 Part of a rather rational,  and logical,  dominating consumer mindset,  fed to Our Cultural Larvae , in the Material World.
  Who confuse guided visualization and Dungeons and Dragons, believing that it is all a product of the Mind/Self/Ego.          Religion as Resume - Anti- Magic  ,                 What is in it for Me,   motivation.
For Me,  It is Distraction -  The Spirits are definitely not My Imagination.or of  anyone else .
  Things that are independent autonomous entities, that exist outside of our perception of them.

 What defines my Work as a Priest-Clergy-Druid is not  My beliefs, practices, customs, traditional response, and reactions ,that I hold, or I achieve .
 But,   How ( It)  is applied, to others , that act of sharing, that openness is the bare all reality of Trying to Host and Moderate Regular Group Worship,
     It Must be Love. It might be skill, I don't think it can be part of Training, or certification.

My Involvement is not about seeing that my Place within an Organization is established and secure,
I likewise do not believe that I have special Knowledge that Everyone must Observe,    However!
Promoting the Idea that The Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ghosts are as We Imagine them to Be, or as a group Decides they are, is a Unsafe Path- Disrespectful- unobservant- prone to group delusion and misrepresentation.
It is a challenge for those of us who believe that objects and subjects are more than we believe them to be, to be confronted with Popular hostility and professional ridicule.
 But I have a built in intolerance for such shenanigans,
 Nothing is  what you think it is.
Things are not limited to our descriptions of them

For Myself,  the Keys to the Journey were in promoting direct appreciation of the materials and tools of Human Spiritual Craft, with a focus on the process ,the seeking of inspiration.
Returning to a Place Beyond the Self,  to find,  to discover,  to experience, to feel . 
 why it comes,                        and goes,                                               the making,

The Order work is a continued quest for Meaning , understanding.
I was recently visited by two of the Orders members in Person for a Ritual Holiday.
Out in My Nematon ,

 I saw Myself,  through their seeing Me- being Clergy, more clearly, if that makes any sense.