Tuesday, August 30, 2016

wheeley <> dealey

It has been speculated that the root of Pagan Religion is relating to the natural cycles that routinely take place.
Knowledge and comfort were found in the expectation of preparedness of the coming Day or Season.
A regular rhythm that sets a standard of notions of activity , productivity , progress.
How things work.
The way things are.
Continuity of wisdom, in cycles of inter relatedness.
yesterday and tomorrow.
Experiential bite sized morsels , that life is designed to chew on and digest.
This sense of order- purpose- meaning was not based upon artificial constructs.
 but an observation of Naturally reoccurring phenomena.
 A common, shared, built in responsiveness, to our environs, activity and rest.
Reaffirming this understanding, provides the basis of  well rounded characterization,
 Being and Wholeness, coupled with appreciation.
 of the depth, texture,subtlety,variety, possibility  of every thing and every moment.

The connection between stimulation and information extends beyond individual beings .
The security of first hand experience,  of the familiar,  or common occurrence,
 is inseparable from the sharing of story about the unusual or fantastic.
 It is this indirect account of Mythic, Mystic.Magic experience that the odd and eccentric  shadow of unexplained unknowing is recognized as existing .  Sympathy of the Strange.Rumor and Religion
Often extravagantly improbable,
 apparently willful intelligent forces  that manipulate the long and twisted threads of indirect connection. avoiding and evading the comparative language of size and shape - time and space,
 It is weird , and we are in the middle of it,
   it is in the middle of us,
 or so I've been led to believe,      in a non linear way