Monday, August 1, 2016

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It seems an ancient part of the cult of skill and mastery is the vilification of the wild!
 untamed ,  uncivilized , uncultured .uncouth.
How ironic,  that Clever Arts and Sophistication in intelligent discourse are rooted in the " put down".
Life is a game- a gamble of risk for reward. you can make a difference , you have to try.
The seeking of advantage, exploitation of opportunity,continuing a tradition of contest, a system belief in the order tied together with work and struggle , and the right to Win,! - as long as you play by the house rules.
The Game is rumored to be Skill and Luck..Choice-Change-Connection
It must follow rules, it must appear to be fair, .so others will join in.
The less experienced are at a disadvantage internally as ranking player members,
 but gain
 relationships as resource , a sense of how the game is played, the outsider and the insider.
confrontational debate, adversarial antagonism- hoot and holler!

When a choice is forced upon you , is it still an expression of informed consent?
 Free Will ?
, voting rights or privilege?
Moral obligation  ?     the way it goes......down.
 Or is it how things are being presented to you?
An illusion rooted in deception ,             there must be a loser,
 a contrasting opposition masquerading as the collective representational agent of Place?
  law of the land.- will of the  House.
Is it not how it has always been?
Power -Control- Game
Who is responsible for the environmental atmosphere of our" skilled culture" and it's" sophisticated" weather forecasts?
science  sell out- it isn't about challenging assumptions and questioning, it is about sponsorship.
 the wild card may exist outside of the game.
Systems may be rigged but everyone is not a cheater,
 as in the ignorant wisdom of troglodyte dances ,of hairy hermits and their club as imagined long ago.