Friday, August 5, 2016

to bring drink to a King

An unconventional Head of State, refreshed in the end - the Sacred Kings champion in service,
 from The Destruction of Da Derga's  Hostel!

Above all else,  avoid insult.

 Whom do you serve?
How do you serve?
What do you serve?
Old , Old , religious, Loyalty ,Allegiance ,Fidelity, Vocation, Questions.
A thirst for Trust,
Trying to do what is right.
for others.
Seeking Self service is a new commercial, marketing, persuasive,trick.
In a Time without clear and obvious forms and functions, roles to play, imposed upon people by societal structure , order , and tradition,

 Company loyalty is to share holders.
People are valued more as investors, than as facilitators ( labor, management)
Everything is reduced to individual private contracts.
Everyone an independent private contractor.
Searching for financial liquidity.
For themselves,     to stay alive.