Friday, October 28, 2016

between seperate realities

Light house stairwell remembered
 Been Before Been?
 Interior passage,Spatial Temporal Memory movement,
consciousness ascending - descending awareness attention,
floating perception,suspended disbelief.
controlled ordered steps continuing one after the other
Directed action, One of Two ways....
Up or Down
Vertebrae stacked connecting one to the other
Spirit Signals, Polarized Path
safety rails
 view ports
All around View
Waking Birth Primal Memory?
Guided Meditation?
A common shared perception that singularities have ends ?
Opposite sides, a fact of Nature, Symmetry the Language of Life?/Death?
 A forgotten memory of the feeling of the first question?

"where am I ?"

Familiar Instinctual Cosmic Autopilot has a Spirit level that has a bubble that separates up from down.
A  sense of Balance, Fairness, direction.
Out of Body Navigation is related to our physiology, As our Will is related to our Body and its directed action,
 The Spirit and Soul complex that We individually embody is a largely subconscious,or predestined form.
It certainly is not to be confused with how we feel about ourselves and our lives, or what legacy we leave behind.
Within every Body is a Spirit that is so intimate as to be unknown, untouchable.
A Returning Being Within
Vertical  Axis