Tuesday, October 25, 2016

transitional nodes,ambiguity and possibility, uncertainty and potential

The basics of My learned reference to  Neo Pagan Sacred Ritual Group Mind,
 is one of sharing the intent of worship, over the thoughts, and affairs,
 of a unfocused accidental gathering without purpose or Goal.

I was introduced to Sacred Space with the suggestions of,
 relaxing - finding comfort- feeling safe.

The intentional setting aside of anxiety, worry and concerns for the Ritual Time.
Suspending Judgement and critical appraisal of aspects of experience in the normal way, so as to better,- be in the moment- and absorb of the whole.
Momentary Neutral  thought,
calm  peace   rest
dark  cool quiet
returning to the place of dreaming
inside and outside of all being
Through the Earth and Ourselves.
It is Natural - It is Here - It is Now - It has always Been.
Helping Spirit find acceptance-Home- Destination
The restless to  find  their place.
settle down
We are part of  cycles of definition and clarity, of borders,boundaries and contracts,
a more rigid fixed  idea of how things work Controlled Group Awareness..
The Other Side
The Unknown
A more fluid movement of changing pattern of sensory stimulation, that is the response trigger of perception and feeling . the seat of radical innovation..Freedom, rebellion, Action without regards to consequence or outcome , an unthinking, yet responsive group Mind. Collective subconscious.

Energy fields passing through flesh,generate around the Body, beyond the Self.
Animated Matter perceiving and responding to various senses and nerves.
Breathing, Drinking, Eating - living -
Naturally with Day and Night,  activity and rest.
Great cycles of Life and Death , generational intermingling with Place.
This Place We are part of.
As We Are Dimensional Visitors, like those before us.
We forgot to remember, and never knew.
Guest at My garden shed

" who cooks for you?"