Thursday, October 13, 2016


Resonanceout and in  where to begin?

A synchronous vibration between neighboring  Objects.

Where it all comes together.
Some thing Sacred 
the connections, the coupling, 
The fit
The Harmony
Time = Trip

 Is  opposition to Tyranny a natural Moral Axial Polarity of those in tune with Harmonious relationship?
When is that principal compromised for the sake of enduring structural integrity,lasting service and function?

Spirits, People, Place,Past,Personal, Private, Pairs, proximity,patterns,predispositions
Intention + Repetition
Profound peripheral presence, perspective 
Paranormal , probability- possibility, potential, placement perhaps?
Precognitive persuasion? poly-dimensional pressure constants
high to low, hot to cold
My last Blog Post had Me processing recent events in relation to "LUCK" and the,

Venue, Host -Place - Space
The Event Organizer-Producer-Program
The Guest-Ticket holder
travel, transportation. - to and from
Heroes , Legends of "Sound - Feeling "
Family- Humanity-Group- Appreciation

A couple of Posts from last year, a foreshadowing, premonition,Fun House Mirror,
No way of knowing that,
the places and people, the subjects and objects written about in Journals,
drawn and doodled in Sketchbooks, Published in Blogs , Posted to Lists are recordings of,
- Time and Place-  the Perception , the Emotion  and  Artistry,
 unique not only to the Creator, but the Environmental context of the...... Moment of it's Making.
Where - you - are at------What is going on.
The Atmosphere,  "The Vibe" ,    ( The Mood ) ,
present in the work.   It is a Attitude or Spirit---Association.
A Psychic Fastener and Cosmic Bonding Agent that is present beneath awareness and attention.