Friday, October 7, 2016

Spiritual Navigation - reverence for the unorthodox- people and placement- balance and the inner ear

Water color painting, of the other side of the street, of last years school bus stop, on the other side of the Reservoir,set on it's side

My last Blog post transportation theme continued to travel in My Personal-family-Human-Arts- life.
After hearing one of my Heroes, sing- live, on a news radio show recorded in the city, I wondered if My Hero would be up in My neck of the Woods.
I got on My Computer....
Turns out He was, standing room only at an intimate Venue that is the studio of a legendary local Hero.
We made it a Family event, My Wife drove.
sitting in the car, waiting in line to get in, responding to the beware of  Bear Sign, My Wife would suddenly point and say " BEAR!"-----" I Made you look!", My Son and I fell for it again and again.
It was after We parked the car and before the Line to Enter the Studio that My Wife had the foresight to purchase the CD of , " SHINE  A  LIGHT, field recordings from the great American Railroad"at the merchandise booth, next to the community snack table.
It was then that I found that My Hero was Performing with Another Artist, who Produced this Project .
My Wife Posted a Family picture of us waiting to get in on Facebook.
As some of the last ticket numbers to be called to Enter and go up the steps, I could not believe My Luck, when I spotted a unoccupied Soda cooler converted to sofa, just out of the line of sight of the performance.
I got to sit and snuggle with My Wife , and Our Teenage Offspring could interact with his electronic screen.
There was an occasional view between the rails on the balcony, when someone wasn't standing two or three people back, peering over shoulders to look down on the fore heads of the Performers.
This was Theater in the round,
Different than the big stage at the revival where We heard and saw, (sort of),My Hero play a few favorites to a festival crowd.
This was a Special collaboration between two Artists,who had made a road trip on rails to record from Train stations singing together, playing acoustic guitar, songs and their stories as they relate to Trains ,Train Stations,Humanity, The Hum of the rails...

( This performance shortly after the only Train crash in the only Train Station that I have a print of, hanging in My House- old bathroom.)

My Hero was on top with his banter with some comment relating the current popularity of " gender fluidity" bringing more acceptance to Artists" genre fluidity" .
I was satiated beyond expectations by the end of the performance, My Son had made the Exit, I was approaching what was left of the community snack table when My Wife calls Me over, where she is standing. where the line is forming, to meet the Artists.
Again, My Surprise! I was not expecting an autograph opportunity .
Star struck, stunned , I could not believe it when My Hero pulled My Wife behind the Table,went back stage to pull out some young man,( perhaps the Other Artists Son?) called Me back to have this Guy take Our Picture !

My Wife posted that picture on Facebook the next morning.

I played the CD in the car the next.afternoon as I drove back into town to attend a Workshop at My regular favorite Bookshop back room where I have presented in the past.
I had pre- payed in cash with wrinkly singles and two fives a few weeks earlier while waiting on Pizza and Calzone in town after picking up My Son from school.
I knew next to nothing of the workshop presenter, other than his involvement in the design of " the bell of awakening" which I acquired at the Local Chimes Annual Warehouse sale this Summer .
I am stupefied by the richness of tone, the oscillation of over tone, the persistent accumulating resonance.
 It is A Magic object, Mad science, I wanted to find out more, meet it's maker, buy his book.
I had no Idea that I would sit in a small room, with a small group with such an unassuming Genius and a plastic model Brain and find sense , making sense, sound and association- memory-Vibration, Buzz-energy cycle,frequency,transportation, Soul in Sound.
I got an autographed copy of " HUMAN TUNING, sound healing with tuning forks", and a" C" and a" G" to add to my" Bell of awakening" with the slightly chipped Mallet stand!

I felt so good that I drove My Wife and Son back into town later that day so My Son could see his friends in the "Rock Academy" perform at the local Playhouse.     Half way there, listening to "Shine a Light", He freaks out in the back seat, realizing the show has started, upset that he was wrong on the time.
I try to chime in and be reassuring that it will work out fine in the end. He had pre- purchased a ticket, from a cast Performer, Months ago, having it tacked to his bedroom door.
I could hear the band playing from the parking lot as I dropped him off at the ticket office of the Play House, looping around to see that things were OK, and head across the street to the Bank.
My Son is turned away with his Ticket by the Venue, My Wife gets out of the car, up to the ticket window and is turned away- the Playhouse saying to take it up with the " Rock Academy" .My Wife is on Facebook in the parking Lot, has a reply when she comes out of the Bank across the street, We return to the Play House Lot and a "Rock Academy"Person pops out a door and takes My Son up front to see the rest of the show. My Wife and I drive Home, text the Kid, turnaround and drive back and forth.
listening to "Hobos lullaby."

All of this is resonating with an unusual overlap of information, alluded to in the central title of this Blog Post,
Themselves the opening titles of Two Blog Posts of Last Year, that have relevance and significance to what is ahead.