Friday, September 30, 2016

Optimising corresponding cunjuction conjecture opportunity enhancement- Dragon Dowsing

The Real Deal

I had painted the landscape with the actual land of the place I was depicting, at this place , late Spring, with the last class, from across the river, with the program of the Organization, named after a Wooden Sail Boat. that did not have it's annual Revival this Year.

I returned to this place, wanting to do it again, on a larger scale, as part of an Event , in support of the Organizations land based Education Programs there.
My  Wife and Son, have traditionally been volunteers serving with Me and Education at the Annual Revival,
Making Art under the Tide line discovery tent.
This Year-  We were here,  Me, My Wife assisting the making of the "festival favorite"
 " Art on a stick"
"It is Mobile! Make it!, and take it!' with you!",under a pop-up, next to the Pavilion, acting as a stage, that replaced the education center, My Son and I had painted a Mural in,before being flooded,after the hurricane, a number of years back.
Late Summer is not the Time of Year that I am familiar with the Mud Flats of Esopus Meadows.
Hot and Humid, Low Tide, the water surface choked with a net of invasive Water chestnuts introduced over a hundred years ago.
My Son chose to stay in the air conditioning,in the Car, in the parking lot, charging and interfacing with his I-Phone.
I had woken him up early that day, made him wait in a long line, next to a surviving World Trade Center Path Train, to buy tickets, for a deck tour of The Worlds Largest  Viking Ship sailing in modern times!
It had crossed the Atlantic and some how ends up docked outside of the Museum, that has the Boat Barn and winter port of the Wooden Sloop that shares it's name with the Environmental Organization that has the Educational Programs at the location, before the Hurricane,and the floods, many, many tides ago......  now Painting with it's Sediment.
 A portrait of Place
Made of Place


An adult Dragon Fly on My Mud Painting

I was surprised by the fortunate parking spots My Wife had acquired at the Viking Boat on the Rondout, and at Esopus Meadows.
There were a lot of volunteers set up, that I was unfamiliar with.
I got the opportunity to buy the 2016 " Hammers and Hands, Float the Boat" T-shirt, in support of the Sloop.
I found that algae mats are fantastic applicators of surface film ,as well as reservoirs of very fine sediment with a faint hint of chlorophyll pigmentation.
The thing I am not so certain about is adhesion.
We were not obliged to stick around at the event,beyond the Time we had volunteered for.
I saw that Roger the Jester was going to perform, and I appealed to My Son, that we hang around to see him before we leave; as we annually see him at Hudson River Revival.
His Mother, My wife, found that the Car would not start, We got a jump from  the car parked next to us, who was the Volunteer  I bought the T- shirt from.
My Wife drives  our Son to a friends House to spend the night and returns to pick Me Up, afraid to turn off the Car.
She pulls up and I jump in after witnessing a Rainbow upstage the showcased performer, Former Captain, Current- Roger the Jester broke with his juggling Mime with the Kids to point it out, take out His I- phone and take it's picture.
reflecting in the water, at about the spot, I let My Dad's Ashes Drift ,away , back a few Years ago.

The Dragon Boat I made,  photographed by My Wife, with her phone,  from the Dining Room Table, sent to My Son, upstairs in his room, on his phone who added the copy right water mark.

In the Time before Digital Photos and I-phones.
The wood was Cedar cut from shingles that I used as backing for Photographic prints of paintings I had made of Gods and Goddesses on one side and a Bryan Perrin Studio Pagan Product Division Label glued on the other ,Altar Cards for Polytheist apartment dwellers.

The Materials are Sacred Scrap made Whole and Holy- a Vessel!
No Kit!   No Plans! just the ideas and drawings found in a treasured Old Book.
I learn with Making.
I seek to understand better with creating.
I find the attention and effort exercised in the crafting of objects to be a relationship with  other Spirits.
The forms, the shapes of thought, genius of design are communicated through the Buried remains of Old Boats--- as much,or more---- than the Words, of Sagas.
Encoded in the structure, the Function, The Living Body.
Transit and Transition
Who says the dead no longer speak to us?

Cradle for My Son
Made on the Other side of Jersey City maybe seven years later.
I responded to the anticipated birth of a child by putting wood in the shower.
I let the P O box in the Old Jersey City Post office- home of Bryan Perrin Studio, Bryan Perrin Studio Pagan product Division,Metro Druid Nuz, Green Man Grove ADF, and the last home of the cancelled Druids' Progress expire.

the journey , the voyage, the passage , environmental sensitivity-empathy- traveling awareness
The rocking and swaying, the sense of directed movement.

Soul Holder

There seems to be a fundamental need for the expression of security and containment
Order and Symmetry, Protective and shielding, worthy of trust.
Some things you  grow out of, some things you don't.
My Son , has his learners Drivers Permit in the Mail, and I got to hear the first speech, in English, of the Captain of the Draken- Harld Harfarge, the North Atlantic Crossing and the embarrassing surprise question about Sailing in the Great Lakes.
The Coast Guard Fined the Captain and require Him to have a expensive pilot on board to navigate Our Waters.

Dragon in Dock

mobility and metamorphosis, change and range, serpentine and Dragon like- Strange
What to Make of it?
What to hold on to , what to cast off?

Dragon Fly Larvae
row  row  row your boat
gently down the stream
life is but a dream