Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cardinal Virtues- tripartate division , outsider omission, trifunctional hypothesis of social class, tripartate definition of knowledge , the fourth estate

Almost finished painting of the four cardinal Virtues

Concepts of 
The "State", Estate, Order are based upon Social Realities of inheritance- what is passed on- a continuation.
Body- Soul-Spirit
Belief-Truth-Justification ,  Plato's"Knowledge". 
  Rational-Spirited -Appetittive , Plato's Tripartite social divisions
Sovereignty - Military -Productive
Three of the Virtues are representative "Favorites" of one of the Three Groups, with the Fourth equally Neutral.     Justice wears the Crown.
The basis of value judgement,,,,,,,,,,,,thumbs up, or down, authority of , fair or foul?

The Three estates of the realm,
Oratores - those who pray -  Clergy
Bellatores - those who fight -  Nobility
Laboratores - those that work -  Commoners

Lords Spiritual
Lords Temporal
The Commons



The notion of the border , the body, the realm is not only one of ownership, but descriptive of its function, its cycles and workings, Trade groupings,structures,ways of life.
More than descriptive physical Objects.
The Social opportunity Manipulation of Class System
is how the Ruling Order has imposed Tax .
A Traditional Tri-functional  way of assessing the worth and value of something for Monarchs.

Three rival castes brought together by a unifying Lateral symmetry!
The Stuff of Legends!
The necessity of Governance!
The Mythic Origin of Hierarchy !
Justice - Judgement- fairness from above- Rule and Right.
Not  a part of the Body, but directing it,
whispering in left and right ears.......

What about the Homeless? The Slaves? The Out laws? The Nobodies?
Societies Unseen ,Excluded Class ? Upward mobility?
Flamen - Brahman - Druid - Priest the referees of competitive warrior aristocracy of  ancient regimes.
The age of Republics is one of urbanization, Empire, The Cardinal Virtues, expanded with the Theological Virtues are promoted in Religion and Lodges.
Deism , Common Sense, Society of the Jacobins, friends of Freedom and Equality.
Thermidorian reaction.
They say past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior,
Trying to live a Virtuous Life.


Standing with the Sun on My Back, and a Poster between My Knees, I held My Phone above My Head

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