Friday, September 2, 2016

reclusive exclusive

" Law is the science which inoculates the difference between right and wrong,
which enables us to assert the one and to prevent, punish,or redress the other;
a science that employs in its theory the noblest faculties of the soul;
and exerts in its practice the cardinal virtues of the heart;
which is universal in its  use and extent,
and accommodated to each individual but adapted to the whole community."

The Right Honorable Louis "honest" Perrin, .....I  think.

A search engine self search took me to a digitized copy,
 of the Saturday,January seventh, nineteen o five edition of,
The Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal.
contained within the name Sir Bryan Perrin
Mark Perrin, the eldest son of Louis Perrin
"had never married and his Title and Family Property devolved
 upon his next Brother now Sir Bryan Perrin."

obituaries.......... and the internet, the Lorentz Force and telepathy
Lie'nard - Wiechert potentials, and  Time travel?
Strange relationships.................I think.
What about the cardinal virtues of My Heart- the faculties of My Soul?