Friday, September 9, 2016


 One of My contributions to the collective volunteer Newsletter" Metro-Druid Nuz", 
The fairly regular publication of Green Man Grove ADF in the early Nineties,
My Druid Priestly point of reference is centered primarily on the time spent participating in Seasonal Group Ritual.
The planning and facilitating of worship service - group are not to take priority over the giving of Our attention to.......... The Real Deal.

It is a Mistake to think that Administration and policy making are Spiritual goals for everyone.
It may be wrong to encourage, the Idea that Art and Religion are about Self Expression.
Self Identity and ego get in the way of things, like interpersonal gnosis,or trans-dimensional osmosis.
We are the creators of Our Contributions.
Our Care and attention must be focused on intent, arrangement and composition.
We are bundling words, Making associations,putting it out there.     Offerings
Feeling as though others must consume, and respond, as you direct them to,  is not the way;
 Sorry to those that think it's their calling, or worse, their duty.
The Limitations of Sacred Time and Space restriction is what provides definition of what is, and is not.
Our opinions,comments,have nothing to do with it.
"It", being the actual content of Our contribution to the collective Dream-Prayer-Wish.
" It" not seeking the validation of numbers to make change, find mass acceptance,or gain popular support.
" It" has a select audience, free to accept or reject or ignore "It".
"It" is not comfort in conformity or constructive criticism, communication compromise.
Comparing the concepts of the  Crown and the crudity of common a Cosmic context.
Archived computer communication does not reflect the "best" of our thoughtful and passionate relationship with..............The Real Deal.