Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our impact on others- awareness and unawareness

I was driving down a familiar road close to Home, a routine route easily traveled with little traffic.
My attention on My vision, movement, Life on either side of the road up ahead.
I live in a wonderful place, the sight of Neighbors walking their dogs is becoming more common place as the area becomes more populated with People.The variety of Wild life is amazing, groups of Deer,
Wild Turkey , Crows and Buzzards commonly pass or cluster in the places that People have claimed for Themselves.
Bear,Fox, Coyote,Fisher Cat live with Porcupine ,Opossum,Raccoon,Beaver,Woodchuck, along with Toad and Turtle, a sampling of community, road kill scattered in Our territory.
Sensitivity to the actions, habits and behaviors of other Living things Spiritually enrich Me.
  Feeds My Soul.

My Attention and awareness was pulled from the event horizon unfolding before Me.
A  Grey Squirrel had been foraging out in the field,  far out and ahead,  on My left,
 the cautious and deliberate zig- zag abruptly stops ,
It sits Up,  Looks directly at the Prius, and seems to make eye contact with Me.
It was an Impossible distance, and a uncharacteristically Squirrel ,Rabbit, Mouse  long straight line  endurance dash..
Yet I could see in that Squirrels eye the look of a person hoping to catch a bus, There was a clear telepathic exchange between Us at over a hundred Yards. My No!! , don't you do it!!! was rebuffed with an explosive break down the hill and across the field, directly at Me. I had Time to brake and slow,not believing what I am seeing as this Squirrel races toward Me, undaunted by the expanse of terrain between us.
It was determined, despite all of My will and skill with My technology, doing My Best to control My vehicle and avoid a collision,bringing My movement to a temporary rolling crawl, to no avail.

Some how The Squirrel got beneath Me, made contact with one of the back tires .
I told the story to my Son, driving back from school that day turning to night.
Slowing down at the place, with My high beams on, showing him the form of the winner of the race, the contest of wills.There was nothing gruesome about the Body, no sign of injury, the pose was more athletic, heroic than tragic or accidental.
 As common as the experience  is, what you take away from it drifts into the uncommon. I had barely sketched from memory the, Grey Squirrel dead on the Road in My Journal the next Day when I started the Watercolor Painting. It's a habit of Mine. It has to come out of my  Mind- Body-Spirit,My way of sharing what is going down,  to Get it Out.

I had My Wife post a picture of the painting from Her I-phone on Social Media when it was finished, the place where people find contact with others these days, unfamiliar territory for Me,I haven't raced or placed the roads of activity and behavior as routinely as Most People .My Son has grown up in this same Home on the same road yet he has been interacting with an electronic reality , A Environmental awareness that The Squirrel and I are unaware of,or otherwise oblivious to.How essential is the reflex to return to the safe place?
To combine urgency, alarm,preservation, action,movement. what is random? what is predictable?what is Habit? Where is Habitat? Instinct for seeking security-comfort is second nature to what We All do.

Creating a forum to assess if a work- experience or event is of consequence or relevance, It's " Impact". is a
drive down collective prejudice, the right of way blinders of  being that are built into a precognitive response attached to a nervous system and inner voice, Dream- Dreamer at one end ,and Discovery at the other.