Thursday, December 29, 2016

part of the infinite and eternal

phone camera pic- bare feet on penthouse terrace with sketch filter

places and spaces
inside outside- real and imagined

interior exterior
World View is not our own
most knowledge is not first hand experience
Wisdom a collection of stories, truths and discoveries of others.
perspective and picture, presentation and perception
polarized program persists promoting people place private public parts protection payment problem
primary promissory prayer power play puzzle propaganda protagonist placement particulars propagate
preposterous punitive pressure perverts possibility potential progress prerogative property pattern  
It is not direct contact with the earth and what is natural, - what we think we know.
Artificially formed and constructed place we identify with, closer to where we think we are.
borders and orders, overlays and lines, profound pretend popular planning produce personal picture
point of reference, part of it all     

old embossed dictionary of  U S history cover