Friday, March 16, 2012

We are here to honor the Gods!

Before there was a you me our anybody else,

Before the birth of the first human,

with our dreams and thoughts and speech.

A time before us.

There exists greater Beings that are beyond our human capacity to understand.

They are not a product of the human Imagination,

A time beyond a different here there are mighty and wondrous things

Both awesome and awful.

They still live,

They exist now and here,

as well as then and there.

Of the ancient beings beings that inhabited here before people.

A group was to stand out, by sharing and cooperating amongst themselves to fight for there place here.

The Gods are specialists with tools who build and make things.

They are not the substance of all that is, but they are the shapers of human realities.

They cultivate the wild world and make it habitable for people.

They care for people, cultivate humanity

They are the shining  ones

radiant ,thought and form

They are the Givers of great gifts

perhaps all that we think we love.

and our ability to care, or wonder.

People and Gods have familial relationships that are recognized in there children,by appearance, abilities or traits of the parents  being passed on generationally as possessing the Gifts of their ancestors.  

The legitimate acceptance of the source  of any godly gift is of concern amongst the Gods as well as the people,

Here we find the hero struggling with fate and destiny

to be recognized as true to there nature, part God.

Immortal super Heroes looking for basic respect and  recognition of the  epic hardships they overcame .in a story of there life as less than a imperfect God.

The Gods shine through us

not all at the same time in the same way

There  is an unmistakably domesticated quality to most of humanity

That is usually attributed to the Gods,

They are Culture and language origins

We are modeled by the Gods

Not just as living ,breathing ,spirit inhabiting,body of a human things, but as experiential beings struggling with understanding and meaning in a limited mortal existence.

control and breath,thought and form.

Being true to center

It comes together and overlaps as our sense of  what is  real and here.

The Gods are here, and then,and in between.

Best felt present on our inside,

                       Here and Now